9 Ways Series

9 Way series is an initiative towards finding at least 9 effective ways to takel various kinds of day-to-day problems and issues of common interest. This is an ever increasing series of such 9 ways useful for all.

9 Ways to be an Eco-Friend at Home

On the occasion of World Environment Day I am sharing my views on eco-friendliness. In our daily life we should follow eco-friendly behavior. By adopting very simple ways in our daily life we can save the environment. We can develop eco-friendly habits while using resources. Here are the 9 ways to be an eco friend at home.


This is absolutely true because without water, there would be no life on the earth. It is a natural resource which covers about 75 percent of our planet, but only one percent of water is available for drinking.

9 Ways to be Healthy

All of us want to be healthy, but the hanging life style, bad eating habits and increasing stress both at the home and work place is creating various types of health problems. We are suggesting here 9 ways to be healthy.

9 Ways of Making 2012 a Green Year

As we are stepping into the year 2012, we intend to make resolutions for the New Year for better and prosperous living. Why don’t we take a resolution to make the Year 2012 a Green Year by doing one green thing a day?

Latest Updates
 Vigyan Apke Liye  

Vigyan Aapke Liye (Science For You)  is a popular science magzine in Hindi. It is aimed at cultivating science temprament and attitude among the people particularly the children.

Know Why, How and What?

We observe a number of events happening around us.  Doyou know the reasons why do  such things happen? Here are such events and their reasons.....such events and their reasons.....

Learning Through Testing

Science is a study of nature around us. Learning Science is a part of life. But ordinarly we are not aware of it. You can test how much science you know and also learn while testing.....

Science for Curious Mind

First step for cognitive learning is curiousity. Unsatisfied curiousity leads to frustration. There are many questions which children ask very frequently and do'nt get answers.....

Do You Know
J.B Dunlop was first to put air into tires.

the Day
Ideas have become far more important to us than action - ideas so cleverly expressed in books by the intellectuals in every field. The more cunning, the more subtle, those ideas are the more we worship them and the books that contain them. We are those books, we are those ideas, so heavily conditioned are we by them. We are forever discussing ideas and ideals and dialectically offering opinions. Every religion has its dogma, its formula, its own scaffold to reach the gods, and when inquiring into the beginning of thought we are questioning the importance of this whole edifice of ideas. We have separated ideas from action because ideas are always of the past and action is always the present - that is, living is always the present. We are afraid of living and therefore the past, as ideas, has become so important to us.
J. Krishnamurti
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